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  If you have been building and practising your climbing skills in the rock climbing gym for enough time to know that you need to take them to the next and the final level by climbing on an actual rock, then you are at the right place. Rock climbing is one of the best outdoor adventure activities that offer you the adrenaline rush like no other. The combination of right skills, which of course you have acquired due to all the training you've taken, and apt preparation leads to a trip that you will remember for times to come. Preparation is not as herculean task as people believe it to be but only when you know what to take and...

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  So you're all set to go out on a hiking trip? There is indeed no outdoor activity that offers you the pleasures of a hike. From getting an opportunity to socialize with your friend group while steering your way out of the hustle bustle of the metropolitan life to giving your lungs some fresh air to breathe and getting your heart pumping, hiking is truly wonderful. Now that you are all set here are some reminders that will help you go over your packing list once again so you know that you have packed all that you will need during your hike. Water supplies: Dehydration is not uncommon during a hike especially if you are planning to go for...

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  Canyoning also known as canyoneering is fun, right? And why wouldn't it be when in just a single adventure you get to do it all from swimming, walking, climbing to jumping, scrambling, abseiling and even hiking. Canyoning lets you range over the nooks and corners of this beautiful planet without you facing the risks involved in more dangerous outdoor activities such as caving. Canyons are otherwise too an amazing place to discover and venture into for having the adventure of your lifetime. So if you have made up your mind just to set out and unearth your ways through the tapered stalwart canyons then here are some simple tips that will come in quite handy and will help you...

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  A fishing rod with a hook and a line, and the bait for catching the fish, the idea of fishing is quite simple as opposed to the act of actually catching the fish. Despite all the complexity involved a fishing trip is great fun, especially when you are out there with your buddies having a great time in your boat while waiting for an equally great catch. The only way to ensure that you do have an amazing time out there and come back with some amazing water dwellers is to make sure that you pack everything that is needed to make the trip that way. Whether you are preparing for a week long trip out there in the...

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Tips to Prepare for a Hunting Trip

Hunting is one of the most adventurous outdoor activities that many people pursue when seeking some excitement and leisure. It has been a popular sport for a long time. With the arrival of the hunting season, people all over the world go to natural habitats such as forests and grasslands to hunt animals such as doves, deer, hogs, moose, caribous, elk, geese, turkeys, bears and others. Hunting is also one of the toughest tasks as it requires proper hunting equipment and a specific skill set. Before going on a hunting trip hunters should be well prepared both mentally and physically. One other thing you must keep in mind as a hunter is the kind of animals you are going to...

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