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A Backpacker's Guide to Food

Backpacking is one of the most popular activities that people like to engage in, especially if they want to take a break from their routine quotidian lives and immerse themselves in the depths of nature. Spending days and nights away from the comforts of the home in the quiet of nature is an immensely rejuvenating experience.

A good backpacking trip requires a lot of preparation, especially when it comes to food. And if you're not the type who likes to cook their meals then there is even more reason to prepare. When cooking at home on a stove with utensils and everything else that you need within an arms distance can be so monotonous and tiring at times who would want to cook out and spend time cutting vegetable and cleaning up the mess afterward. Backpacking means spending as much time as you can, in raw natural surrounding with nothing to do, at least when it comes to cooking your food. But that does not mean compromising on your preparation.

Regular walking will drain you out of energy, and right food will provide you the much-needed nutrition. This article will tell you about what to pack for what time of the day so that you are full of energy while you're conquering those trails.


This is the most important meal of the day. After a night's rest when you get up and get ready for yet another day of adventure you need to make sure that you have taken the right dose of energy. Pack the following foods for a high energy breakfast:

  • Instant Oatmeal: Oatmeal is high in proteins makes you feel full without letting you over eat. You can buy ready to eat instant oatmeal packs so you can consume it while preparing yourself for the day.
  • Instant Coffee or Tea: The caffeine! You know how the day doesn't begin without a cup of tea or coffee. It will drain all the fatigue of the previous day and make you feel fresh.
  • Breakfast bag: Carry a separate breakfast bag for each day that includes a packet of instant oatmeal, instant tea or coffee packets, and some multivitamins to energize you. It could be a zip lock bag or a top fold bag. Label them with a tag "breakfast", so it becomes easy for you to take them out when its time.


So now you've been walking for about five to six hours at a stretch and are now looking for some quiet place to just sit back. It is time to have your lunch.

  • Beef: Beef is not just tasty but is healthy as well. It compensates for all the energy you have been losing while walking under the midday sun with sweat dripping down from everywhere. You know what I mean! You could have it shredded or a simple southwestern style. You can easily get your hands on ready to eat packets for both.
  • Cheese Bites: You can easily get ready to eat cheese bites. These packets do not need any refrigeration and are high in protein. They provide you the essential nutrition. And of course, the tang of cheese in the midst of nature? Who wouldn't want that!
  • Whole-grain Crackers: Once you eat the beef and the cheese bites you can munch these crackers to fill up that last bit of space.

Remember not to overfill yourself because you don't want to be feeling sleepy when you are supposed to head up and down the rocky terrain.


Carrying along junk snacks with you is not just a waste of energy but is also a waste of space that you could use for storing some better and healthier options. Choose high energy and protein boost foods to help you be on the trail for a longer time.

  • Gum
  • Hard candies
  • Snickers Bars: Gives you energy on the go and satisfies your sweet tooth craving. Do not take it with you if you're backpacking in hot weather
  • KIND Bars (though they are expensive, they're worth every penny)
  • Seasoning: Now, that doesn't need to be in the snacks section but it's always great to have a little salt and pepper shaker to season your instant meals.
  • Lunch/ Snack Bag: Just like a separate breakfast bag, a separate bag for lunch and snacks would be perfect to save you time looking for all of it individually.


Tired with a daylong trailing up and down on the rocky path, finally is the time to have some dinner. Don't over strain yourself. As soon as it starts getting dark and you feel that your body needs to rest, look for a nice cozy place and set up your base. Here is a list of what you can have before retiring for the day

Of course, you'll not be making all of that up at your camp neither are you going to consume it from a can (given the lack of nutritional value). Get your hands on the right Premium Outdoor Foods store and you can fill up more than half of your backpacking food basket from there.

Have fun!