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Packing for a summer in the cabin


Spending summer in a summer cabin is one of the most rejuvenating and singular experiences of life. There's nothing like hiking in the woods and then coming back to a quiet and peaceful abode situated right in the midst of nature. Spending time in a summer cabin is something a lot of people resort to, especially writers, poets, painters and novelists for whom the raw beauty of nature and the serene quietude serves as motivation for their work. Even people who want to take a break from their daily routine and the boring city life that seems to be just sweeping by right in front of the eyes, spending some days in an isolated cabin is a great option.

Some people take the cabins on rent from owners and others from rental companies. Though cabins are known to be fully equipped with everything that you need to spend a day, there is still a certain amount of preparation that you have to do before leaving for a cabin vacation. When it comes to cooking, then NOT cooking is one of the reasons people look forward to a vacation. Though the cabin kitchens are fully stocked, you can have a hard time using utensils that have been left in a bad condition by the previous guests or may be, sometimes end up finding that something that you need is not there. This article will throw light on what to pack when to food and kitchen items before you set out for your happy time in the cabin.

  1. A Set of Knives: The knives in the kitchen have been there since the cabin was inaugurated because no one has the time to look if the knives in the kitchen are worth using when they are busy cleaning and setting up the cabin for your arrival. So pack your set of knives and avoid an unnecessary trip to the store that will make you remember those days back at home.
  2. Oil: And when I say oil I mean olive oil because that will add a delicious taste to the local ingredients of the place turning your meal into a sumptuous homemade meal. Pack according to how much of oil you use while cooking and how many days you are going to stay over there. For the entire summer, it's better that you pack the big bottle, so you don't have to run to the store, again!
  3. Salt, herbs and spices: Living in a cabin does not mean eating bland food. So along with the oil pack some salt and some of your favorite herbs and spices to excite your palate while eating al fresco in a fully natural setting. You could take the containers you use at home or even zip lock pouches with the amount you think you will consume.
  4. A pair of Tongs: There are many cooking utensils that you can use in the place of each other, but there is hardly any utensil that will serve the purpose of a pair of Tongs. Get a cheap metal pair. Not only will they fulfill your purpose but you can also leave them behind for the future guests and you'll not regret that.
  5. Food: Cabins have cooking utensils, gas stove, dining table and chairs but to be able to use them you need to bring the cooking supplies. Especially if you are going to live in the cabin for a long time, you will need to make sure that you have everything from snacks to a full course meal. Sometimes you are in the mood for cooking but for the times you are not, you could pack outdoor meals, camping meals and backpacking meals. These meals are quick and easy. They are not just deliciously mouth watering but also offer you the nutrition you get from a typical homemade meal. These homestyle outdoor, quick and easy meals include:

Apart from these, you could also pack some snacks that you could take along on your day trip out in the woods. The outdoor snacks are high in proteins and a good source of calcium; trans free fat and are completely natural, unlike the processed packaged chips and Cheetos. Trust me, when you come back, you don't want people to think that you were actually on a binge eating trip. These snacks include:

  • Honey Habanero Cheese Bites
  • Cheese Bites Mix
  • Smoked Cheese Bites
  • Granola bars (for the sweet tooth)
  1. Coffee: Depending on how crazy for coffee you are you must pack this necessity. You can also go for coffee tablets that can directly be consumed and require no brewing and heating.

As long as your tummy is full, healthy and happy there is nothing that can stop you from having a good time. Happy vacations!