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How to Stay Healthy on a Road Trip

Road Trip

Every summer millions of people all over the world take to the roads and travel around the country for some adventure. Road trips when taken with your friends, family and even alone. Stopping by on landscapes with a ceaseless horizon to admire the scenic beauty, sitting on wheels with your head out of the window letting the cool breeze dance in your hair and the bright rays of the sun bedazzling your skin with its famous golden glow, there are some things about road trips that you cannot experience in any other kind of trip in the world. Packing for a road trip is as exhausting as it is fun. When it comes to food, unlike the old convenient store option people have now started considering packing fresh food, outdoor food and camping food that don't just lack the preservatives that packaged food has but are also healthy, nutritious and palatable. While occasional munching on snacks is okay, since you're on the road, resorting totally to the stop by convenient stores for food is a bad, bad option. Not only will it dig a hole in your pockets but will also drain your energy making you lethargic and sleepy when you should be up enjoying your journey. So here are a few ways, including the kind of food you must eat, to ensure that you remain healthy on your road trip.

1. Pack smart food

Gone the days when people used to look solely for a pack of Cheetos and fried packaged snacks to stuff in their bags while packing for a road trip. With the increasing health consciousness, people are looking for healthier options that are not just as tasty but nutritious too. Outdoor meals, quick and easy meals and camping food have gained a lot of momentum in being the kind of food that is the perfect combo of healthy and delicious. These outdoor meals are a smart alternative that offer you the taste of fresh homemade food, and you don't even have to look for the right convenient store to stop by when feeling hungry as long as you have a pack of these quick and easy meals stuffed in a bag. And no, this food is not all green and grass. From Cheese Tortellini, Chili and Macaroni to Mexican Style Chicken Stew and Chicken Pesto Pasta, they have it all.

2. Beverage and snacks

Driving can be as tiring during the journey as its fun in the beginning. The trick is to keep the thrill alive, and the only way to do that is to maintain an intake of your favorite beverage. A dose of caffeine will not just sieve out all the fatigue but will also prevent you from getting the much-abhorred jet lag the day after. Accompany the drink with an occasional munch or two on some snacks and you're good to go. The problem is every time you get a coffee craving you cannot happen to be passing a convenient store. Therefore, get some coffee tablets that are perfect for a quick and easy coffee with no mixing or brewing required. You don't even have to stop the car, just eat the tablet and experience the taste of coffee right there.

For snacks, you could pack some Cheese Bites or some granola bars.

3. Water

Carry two bottles per person if you're going to take a trip across the hot lands to avoid dehydration. Fill them up at every rest stop. If you are going to stay at a lodging that has a freezer, then fill up your bottles and leave them in it overnight.

4. Take a break and stretch yourself

The key to driving for a long time is to take frequent breaks. Stop the car on the side of the road even if there is no rest stop and get out of the car. Enjoy the landscape for a few minutes and then resume with your journey once you've absorbed the rejuvenation that comes from witnessing the natural beauty.

5. The Sunscreen!

Keep yourself guarded against the burn of the sun by slathering some sunscreen on your hands face and visible part of your legs. Choose a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher. For the eyes grab a pair of sunglasses. Prefer photochromatic lenses if you are driving to avoid the sun from shining right in your eyes or the headlights of the opposite lane producing a glare at night.

6. The Right Posture

Sitting in the right posture when in the car for a long duration helps in preventing sores, especially when you are driving. Carry seat supports and pillows to get the right feel and adjust the seat to be the right combination of comfortable and ergonomically correct. During the drive keep readjusting your posture and roll the shoulders.

7. Choose right meals

You cannot keep consuming salad and carrot sticks, all throughout your journey. Also, eating the road food is extremely unhealthy. Go for easy outdoor meals and prefer grilled over fried.