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Sailing on the deep seas stretching far and wide soothed by the tranquil peace prevailing in the atmosphere is an unparalleled experience. There is nothing like escaping the quotidian chores and finding solace in the midst of water. It is for these tremendously serene effects that many people take to the seas during their vacations. Sometimes the trips can last as long as three to four months. While sailing in itself is a great outdoor activity, it involves a lot of preparation failing with the vacation can turn out to be the exact opposite of what you wanted it to be. Food especially becomes important once you have set sail because there is no way you could get to a convenient store. So to help you gather the right food supplies here are a few tips on how you should plan for a meal in the sea

  1. Plan ahead of time: Once you have decided that you will be leaving for the sea on a specific date start planning immediately. Once the time for departure nears, there are a lot of things that occupy the mind making easy for the essentials to slip out. Make a list of the food you will like to have for your breakfast, then lunch and finally for the dinner. Also, make a list of the snacks you will take with you. Make sure that food item you take along will last you until you consume it. Nowadays, quick and easy meals, camping food and the backpacking food are gaining a lot of importance because they are made especially for outdoor purposes.
  2. Garbage: Consider all the trash that will be generated during your trip. It can be from the food you eat or the beers you drink. So prefer taking items that generate the kind of trash that you can store with you unless you reach a place where you can dispose it.
  3. Cooler: You will need a cooler to keep things cool until you are ready to consume them. You can store lots of drinks in it along with water.
  4. Food: Sailors have a divergent opinion on whether one should buy food or one should save money and bring food from home. Bringing food from home is not a bad idea if you are going for a day or two. Beyond that, there are chances that it might go stale and taste bland, even if you store it in a cooler and reheat it later. Consider taking outdoor meals like camping food and backpacking food. They are quick and easy meals that are made especially for taking on trips such as this one. They include home-style food such as
    • Cheese Tortellini
    • Chicken Pesto Pasta
    • Chili & Macaroni
    • Hashbrowns and Bacon
    • Mexican Style Chicken Stew

These outdoor meals are high in nutrients and give you the taste of eating the food made right out of your kitchen.

  1. Snacks: Snacks are very important because that is what you will feel like eating after a day of swimming or snorkeling. For snacks, you could take along some chips but try not to compromise on the right nutrition. Consider taking snacks that are healthy and tasty. The outdoor snacks like cheese bites mix, smoked cheese bites and honey habanero cheese bites are an amazing source of nutrients without compromising on the taste.
  2. Drinks: Keep surplus of water because on a warm day you will feel thirsty, a lot and though there is water all around you know it very well that it is not suitable for drinking. Take at least 1.5 liters of water for one person for one day. It is always good to have more than have less because you cannot afford to dehydrate yourself in the sea. If you like to start your day with some coffee, you could take a coffee maker with you or just pop some coffee tablets that do not require any water or coffee maker.
  3. Grill: If you are going on a long trip then you must pack some raw food that you can easily make and consume. Prefer taking a grill rather than a stove or oven for a cool and hassle free preparation. Another good thing about the grill is that you can prepare the food while chilling out with everyone else rather than hanging back in the "Kitchen". For the file, take charcoal bricks.
  4. Salt, herbs and spices: If you are going to cook you will need some condiments. So do not deprive yourself of the taste and freely pack the salt and the pepper, the ketchup and the mayonnaise. Save your money and use zip locks for packing all the spices instead of shopping for small sized containers.

Eat right, stay healthy and have a great trip!