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Packing for Mountain Biking

There always comes a time in your life when you look to the forests and think of going into the woods. Mountain biking is not just an outdoor activity on its own but is also a faster and more convenient way to explore the woods. If you are planning to go on a long mountain biking trip, then you should plan and pack according to that. The main focus of your packing should be on nutrition, identification, and hydration. Apart from these there are some other requirements that must also be looked into while packing for your mountain biking adventure. Here is an insight into the list of what to pack for an adventurous and fulfilling mountain biking trip.

  1. Spare tubes: For long mountain bike rides it is extremely important that the rider should carry two spare tubes with him/her. Roads that are intended for riding mountain bikes are rough, rugged, unpaved and uneven. When the rider is moving downwards at a very high speed and jumping the bike at flat run-outs, then the tube and tire of the bike get easily pinched. Spare tubes are a must if you are going on a biking trip because you don't want to be walking next to your bike.
  2. Patch kit: Even though carrying spare tubes is a must you still should stay safe, especially if you are going on a long trip. The only thing that repairs the punctured tube of your bike again and makes it ready for use is a patch kit. They take very less space in your pack and come in handy when you have used your last spare tube. The patches are very fast to apply. You can buy glue less patches, so you don't have to worry about carrying a bottle of glue, but their disadvantage is that they are not durable for a long time.
  3. Tire pump: Both the spare tube and patch kit is of no use until you have a tire pump to inflate the air in the tubes.
  4. Chain lube: When you are going deep into the woods on your bike, the bike crosses many streams, dusty trails and showers. To make your ride easy in such conditions carry chain lube in your pack. To apply it to the chain of your bike first clean grime off the chain using a cloth and if you have applied it in excess then wipe off the excess lube using the cloth.
  5. Multi-tool: When you are going on such trips a must have tool is a multi-tool. Every person should carry a multi-tool before leaving his/her home. The multi-tool should have a T25 Torx, screwdriver, built in chain tool and last but not the least 2.5,3,4,5,6 and 8mm Allen keys. Try to buy a multi-tool kit that has built-in wire cutters and a pair of pliers in it.
  6. Lip Balm: If the bike rider is going on mountain biking in a dry environment then he/she should carry lip balm in his/her pack.
  7. Sunscreen: If the rider is going on mountain biking in summer for a long duration then he/she should keep sunscreen in his/her pack. The rider should apply the sunscreen when needed. Buy a sunscreen that is not greasy and has an SPF of more than 30.
  8. Phone: Carry a smartphone with you. Though you may not get signals most of the time the smartphone can do a large number of things most important of which is placing a call at your home when you are in an emergency. This will help you get help faster.
  9. Food: Going on a long trip needs you to pack food because there are times when you are in a place where you cannot find one place to eat, and you are feeling extremely hungry. Also, mountain biking is purely physical, and it drains you of all your energy. So pack quick and easy outdoor meals or camping foods and snacks that have been designed especially for outdoor purposes. There are many homestyle easy meals that are very nutritious and offer you the taste of home cooked food.
  10. First aid kit: The first aid kit should contain bandages, tweezers, disinfecting wipes, gauze. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the first aid kit should be kept in a waterproof package to keep it safe even when dropped in water.
  11. Rain jacket: Weather in the woods on the mountains is profoundly unpredictable. So, the rider should carry a packable rain jacket in his/her pack. Most of the riders carry Endura Pakajak, which keeps the core of the rider dry and warm.
  12. Extra links of chain with a master link: There might be cases when the chain links of the bike get bent or broken so keeping a few links of the chain along with a master link is good. You can replace the bent or broken links using those.
  13. Bright Headlight: If the rider is riding in the dark then a bright light is enough to illuminate his/her path in dark so that the rider can easily get back to his/her home.