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Tips to Prepare for a Hunting Trip

Hunting is one of the most adventurous outdoor activities that many people pursue when seeking some excitement and leisure. It has been a popular sport for a long time. With the arrival of the hunting season, people all over the world go to natural habitats such as forests and grasslands to hunt animals such as doves, deer, hogs, moose, caribous, elk, geese, turkeys, bears and others. Hunting is also one of the toughest tasks as it requires proper hunting equipment and a specific skill set. Before going on a hunting trip hunters should be well prepared both mentally and physically. One other thing you must keep in mind as a hunter is the kind of animals you are going to hunt because some animals are only available at certain places and during a specific period of the year. Another thing that you should verify is the condition of your equipment as at the time of hunting the weapons should be in good working condition. The most important part of preparing for a hunting trip is packing. A long hunting trip requires you to prepare and pack well. Apart from the right hunting equipment you also need to pack adequate clothing, food and other necessities that you might need during the trip. This article will help you gather and pack all that you will need during your hunting trip.

  1. Clothes: To protect your body from insect bites you should pack those clothes that can easily cover your whole body from your feet to your neck. The items to pack for clothing are:
  • Two wool or polypropylene tops
  • Two wool or polypropylene long johns
  • Two pair shorts
  • Two pairs of socks
  • Two pairs of underpants
  • Warm jersey
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Sturdy boots
  • Gaiters
  • Warm hat
  • Gloves
  • Overtrousers
  • Spare camp footwear

The other thing that you should keep in mind before packing the clothes is the color of the clothes. Always remember to pack the clothes having a color which contrasts with the external environment in which you will be hunting. If you are planning to hunt for long distances, then you should wear boots that are comfortable. If you wear uncomfortable shoes, then they can convert a pleasant hunting trip into an unpleasant one as uncomfortable shoes cause blisters.

  1. First aid kit: As you are going on a hunting trip in wild areas so carrying a first aid kit is very important. Hunting is a dangerous activity as there is the use of firearms in it. So, no matter how well prepared the hunter is he/she can get injuries while hunting. There can be an accidental shooting by another hunter, or you can be attacked by another animal in the vicinity. The hunter can use it as there are no doctors available there.
  2. Food, drinks and snacks: If you are going on a hunting trip for a long time duration then food is the only things that can give you the energy required for hunting. So before going on hunting the hunter should pack:
  • High energy food and snacks
  • Cooking stove and fuel for using it
  • Plate, cup, and cutlery
  • Water bottle
  • Fry pan
  • Dishwashing liquid and dishcloth

Apart from all these items you can also buy some outdoor meals, backpacking meals or camping meals that are made especially for the purpose of taking them on outdoor trips. These are quick and easy meals that require no preparation. They are full of nutrition and give you the taste of homemade food. These meals come in handy at the times you are feeling hungry while you are out in the woods or during the days you are too tired from your hunting trip and not in the mood to cook anything. These easy meals come in all variety including non-vegetarian meals like chicken and bacon. They also offer snacks such as cheese bites and beverages such as coffee tablets that do not require any water or brewing and can simply be popped into the mouth for the taste of coffee.

  1. Hunting tools: Apart from the very obvious hunting guns and rifles there are some hunting tools that every hunter must carry before going on hunting as they ease up the hunting trip. The hunting tools include:
  • Skinning knife
  • Ammunition
  • Sling
  • Small shovel
  • Mesh bag for hanging meat
  • Torch or headlight for an illuminating path in the night
  • Binoculars to see animals at a very large distance
  • Hunting permit
  1. GPS receiver: It is a good idea to carry a GPS receiver when you go on your hunting trip because that ways you have an idea about your location. You can easily get this device from hunting stores. A GPS will also help you find your way through forest areas. There are chances that while hunting you might wander too deep into the woods. So, if you forget the path, the GPS receiver can help you find the right path again.