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A fishing rod with a hook and a line, and the bait for catching the fish, the idea of fishing is quite simple as opposed to the act of actually catching the fish. Despite all the complexity involved a fishing trip is great fun, especially when you are out there with your buddies having a great time in your boat while waiting for an equally great catch. The only way to ensure that you do have an amazing time out there and come back with some amazing water dwellers is to make sure that you pack everything that is needed to make the trip that way. Whether you are preparing for a week long trip out there in the water or it's just a day trip that you are looking forward to, there are a few essentials that you absolutely cannot leave behind at home.

Here is a list entailing all that you need to take along on your fishing trip.

  1. The Fishing License: For you to even have the thought of going on a fishing trip, you need to have a license that will legally permit you for the same. Depending on which state you live in and where you intend to go on a trip, the regulations and the requirements for license differs. So before you set out or plan a destination, it is important that you confirm what the specific requirements of that particular place are.
  2. The Gear/ Equipment: Once you have completed all the necessary requirements and have obtained the license for fishing (if needed) then the next thing for you to think about is getting your hands on the right fishing gear. Now there is an abundance of fishing equipment available in the market. Knowing which one you should buy depends on the place you are going to, the type of game fish you want to catch and the fishing conditions of that place. Apart from the specialized equipment that you can only buy when you know all the factors above some basic fishing equipment include a fishing rod, fishing hook, a reel, a bait that again depends on the game fish and a tackle box. If your bait is going to, be minnows or worms then you need to store them in sealed canisters.
  3. Safety Kit: No outdoor trip comes without its share of possible injuries. When you are catching fish and dealing with equipment that involve hooks and are catching fishes that might have sharp teeth you need to make sure that you carry a safety kit. Here is what the safety kit must contain:
    • First Aid Box that has antibiotics, anti allergy, prescription drugs, bug repellent
    • Biodegradable toilet paper
    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses
    • Hat with a chin tie
    • Cell phone
    • Power bank to charge your phone
    • Nylon rope
    • Knife
    • Hand-wash
    • Rescue throw bag
    • Flashlight
    • Extra set of fresh batteries

4. Food: If you are going on a simple day trip you don't need to worry about food and water as much as you have to when you are going on long fishing trips. You can take canned food with you, but that depends mostly on the climatic conditions of the place. Taking camping food or backpacking food is an amazing option because they offer some amazing benefits over any other form of packaged food. They are quick and easy meals that come in packets but offer you the taste of home cooked meals. They are as rich in their taste and variety as they are in their nutritional value. From chicken, bacon to pasta, these quick and easy meals keep you full and healthy throughout the trip. These camping foods also include beverages such as coffee sold in the form of tablets. So whenever you have your next caffeine craving all you have to do it pop the pill.

  1. Waterproof bags: You do carry important items with you on the trip that you don't want get wet under any circumstance. From wallets to the fishing license, cell phone to other such items all could be safe from water if you would carry a zip lock pack with you.
  2. GPS: You can also take maps with you but unless you know how to read a map there is not much you can do. With GPS in the market, you don't have to worry as much. Just don't forget to take it with you.
  3. Clothing: You WILL get wet. It's wiser to have not less than three items of extra clothing because you never know when your wet ones will dry out. Also, carry an extra pair of shoes and socks. Water shoes are an amazing idea because all kinds of shoes get wet while fishing.
  4. Backpack: A backpack is a must so that when you decide to have a bonfire by the riverside you don't have to rush back to the boat every time. Plus from food, water, clothing, zip locked bags containing your important items to your safety kit, everything can be stuffed into it.

Are you ready for a great trip? I thought so!