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Canyoning also known as canyoneering is fun, right? And why wouldn't it be when in just a single adventure you get to do it all from swimming, walking, climbing to jumping, scrambling, abseiling and even hiking. Canyoning lets you range over the nooks and corners of this beautiful planet without you facing the risks involved in more dangerous outdoor activities such as caving. Canyons are otherwise too an amazing place to discover and venture into for having the adventure of your lifetime. So if you have made up your mind just to set out and unearth your ways through the tapered stalwart canyons then here are some simple tips that will come in quite handy and will help you add that much needed extra to your otherwise ordinary trip!

  1. The Extra Rope: Yeah right! And how much? Twice as much I say. Ropes are an essential, and you know that and because they will be used so frequently in your adventure trip, they might get stuck or get worn out or even accidently break. But twice as much will only work for canyons that are normal. For deeper ones where the drop will be longer, you need to take three times as much rope. It's always a good idea to have a backup rather than be left without any option at a canyon. Another reason for you to have ropes longer than you think is because canyons are wet most of the times, and the ropes might shrink and become smaller. You so don't want that!
  2. Helmet Light: You do buy a helmet, and then you buy a flashlight. Good but not good enough when you are descending narrow crevices that have minimal to no light at all. You need both your hands to support yourself and cannot possibly hold a flashlight. You might not always have to descend a crevice to know how starkly dark a canyon can get. Either way, a better and more efficient option is to have a helmet that has a headlight. Not only will that act as an extra but will also help you keep your hands free whenever you need.
  3. The Wet Factor: Remember that since canyoning involves swimming too there might be times when you are completely immersed in water for a long time. So it is important for you to carry only those items that you can carry in your backpack or fasten to yourself. Avoid taking anything that is not waterproof. If you are going canyoning in a place where the temperatures will be low then dealing with the wetness will be a task. So get a wetsuit and a bathing suit to wear inside that.
  4. Clothing: Please avoid jeans because when they get wet, they become even more tight, stick to your legs and restrict your movement. So wear something that is very light, like a cotton trouser. Also, remember to take off all forms of jewellery no matter what significance it holds, including wedding rings. They can get tangled somewhere in the rock and might cause a very serious injury known as degloving.
  5. Waterproof Dry Bag: Carry waterproof dry bags so you can put items such as your clothing and your food kit in them so they don't get wet when you are in the water. You could also opt for a canyon keg bag that is designed especially for the purpose of canyoning trips because the former may get wet when fully inside water but the latter won't. The canyon keg is strong and rugged so you don't have to worry about any punctures in them or fear that your items might get all crushed inside.
  6. Water: So obvious, right? Not so much because if you are planning to replenish your supplies from those streams that you see downhill, then you need to be reminded of how they are the carriers of compost that adventurers like you leave behind. The last thing you want is to get sick or be dehydrated on a trip that requires a lot of physical activity. So please carry an adequate amount of water depending on how many days your trip is going to last.
  7. Food: A good amount of food is never a bad option because you need to make sure that your energy levels are up at all times. So always carry some snacks that you can munch on while walking around. Resort to quick and easy meals that are not only great in taste but also help in eliminating your concerns about the food pack getting wet or the food inside getting stale. Also known as camping food or backpacking food these quick and easy meals offer sumptuous meals that include chicken, bacon and other vegetable delights. High in nutrition with authentic homemade taste these quick and easy meals are amazing. They also offer snacks such as cheese bites and coffee tablets so you can have the coffee feel right there in your mouth.

Follow these tips and you will surely make some amazing memories!