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So you're all set to go out on a hiking trip? There is indeed no outdoor activity that offers you the pleasures of a hike. From getting an opportunity to socialize with your friend group while steering your way out of the hustle bustle of the metropolitan life to giving your lungs some fresh air to breathe and getting your heart pumping, hiking is truly wonderful. Now that you are all set here are some reminders that will help you go over your packing list once again so you know that you have packed all that you will need during your hike.

  1. Water supplies: Dehydration is not uncommon during a hike especially if you are planning to go for a hike at a place that has high summer temperatures. Sure you must have thought of taking water but is it enough for you to last the whole trip? If you are planning to refill the bottles with the water from the streams you might find on your way then that is a strict no unless you have some water purifying tablets with you so you can treat the water before you consume it.
  2. Food supplies: If you are planning a long hiking trip then canned food might not last as long. If you are planning to take some packaged junk like Cheetos, then they just make good snacks and won't give you the energy you need to keep walking. So opt for quick and easy camping or backpacking meals that come in packages but are full of healthy nutrients and some mouthwatering homemade outdoor meals that include chicken, bacon, pasta, chili and macaroni, tortellini, beef and even mix packs. These quick and easy meals also offer snacks and coffee tablets for a beverage. These foods are made for the purpose of taking on a trip where you don't have access to regular homemade healthy food. Also, they are light in weight so you won't feel like you are carrying a mountain rather than hiking on one. So sack all the cans and stock these quick and easy meals up.
  3. First Aid Kit: Even if you are going on a simple one day hike, you must not forget to keep the first aid box in your backpack because no outdoor activity can promise you an injury-free experience. Update your first aid kit with your personal needs including a sunscreen with SPF more than 30 (yes, apply it even on a cloudy day), lip balm, aspirin, prescription drugs, toilet paper, bandages, gauze, antiseptic cream, mosquito repellent and a sanitizer.
  4. Light: In the natural surroundings, all you have to do for a light source to find your way in the dark is to carry one. This one is just to remind you that you must carry a flashlight with an extra set of fresh batteries.
  5. Navigation tools: There is nothing better than a GPS but if you don't have that, and you are not planning on buying one too then get your hands on a map of the area and a magnetic compass to find the direction in which you need to go. Just getting all this stuff and checking a box is not enough you must know how to use them too. So, make sure that you have done your research about the area, and you know how to read a map or else your equipment won't be of any use.
  6. Clothing: Get to know the weather conditions of your hiking destination so that you can modify your packing list accordingly. In any case, do not forget to pack some extra clothes. Make sure the clothes you choose to wear and pack are both light and comfortable, so you don't feel uneasy wearing them. Also, pack raincoats so you can prevent yourself from getting wet. Get some hiking boots especially if you are going for a hike in the mountains because your normal sports shoes will easily wear out.

Once you have reviewed your packing list here are a few tips to remember before you finally set out.

  1. If you are going alone, then don't forget to inform someone in your family about when you will be setting out, to when you will be back.
  2. For every new day take time out to have a hearty breakfast because being the first meal of the day it will serve as the initial dose of energy that you need.
  3. If you are going hiking to a place you have never been to before, then get a guidebook for that place, so everything is a bit easier for you.
  4. Remember to come back home with all that you left with, in your backpack. Nothing more nothing less. Leave nothing but footprints behinds and bring back nothing but memories.
  5. Don't forget to take time out to do what you intended to do on the trip: enjoy. Take a break, admire the beauty of nature, breathe it in, take a de-route (please don't be foolish) and smell the flowers. Remember to capture it all on your camera.