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What is OMEALS?

OMEALS are fresh homestyle meals and snacks that contain no preservatives packed for on the go adventurers.

What is the difference between OMEALS Homestyle entrees and freeze dried food?

Omeals homestyle entrees are fully cooked and do not require water. They are self heating with a unique and convenient flameless heater unlike freeze dried foods that require you boil water to mix.

What is preparation time?

Preparation time is less than 4 minutes although our heating system will last up to about 12-15 minutes.

How does the food stay fresh in the pouch?

The food pouches are put through a retort sterilization process in a chamber at very high pressure and temperature. The food pouches are then shelf stable due to this process. The ultimate result is a fresh meal that can be stored for a long period of time and still taste fresh once eaten.

Are there any preservatives or MSG used?

There are no added preservatives or MSG in any Omeals meal.

Can OMEALS be eaten without using the heater?

All our entrees are fully cooked and can be eaten straight out of the pack without being heated.

What comes in the OMEALS Homestyle Entree?

All meals include an 8 oz. entree, heating element, spoon and napkin.

How much do OMEALS weigh?

10.4 oz. for each Homestyle Entree

3.2 oz. for the Cheese Bites

0.176 oz. for the Coffee

What are the ideal conditions to store OMEALS?

Room Temperature is always considered the ideal for storing most products but OMEALS can be taken to any outdoor activity and withstand the cold or hot temperatures and will not affect the freshness of the meal.

Can a large chain supplier custom make their own OMEALS packaging and flavor varieties?

This can be discussed on an individual basis depending on the order volume. 

Is OMEALS ok for people with: diabetes/high cholesterol/dietary restrictions?

All our packaging includes the nutritional facts and ingredients in our meals. We make no claims about dietary benefits, allergies or food restrictions

Is there Gluten Free/Vegetarian/Kosher/Halal style meals?

Some of our products do not have gluten and are made with gluten free ingredients. We have vegetarian options. Soon we will offer both kosher and halal meals.

Who is OMEALS ideal for?

Omeals is ideal for any outdoor activity, emergency preparedness or for on the go. If you partake in any outdoor activity such as hiking, biking, trekking, camping, walking, fishing, outdoor adventures and more, OMEALS is the perfect companion to get that homestyle meal.

Can I eat OMEALS at home? In the car if stuck in traffic?

You can have Omeals anywhere any time.