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OMEALS Veggie 6 pack


OMEALS Veggie 6 pack

$ 45.94

2 units of each Cheese Tortellini, Vegetarian Chili, and Pasta Fagioli. We aim to please every appetite with this pack. Vegetarian Chili So good, you won’t even notice there is no meat in it! Pasta Fagioli, this pasta in savory tomato sauce gets its wholesomeness from kidney beans, kale, soy protein crumble and Parmesan cheese. Cheese Tortellini generously stuffed with asiago, creamy ricotta, and Parmesan cheeses, this classic Italian dish is slow simmered in homemade marinara.

OMEALS® is powered by NXH™ Heating Technology. Tested and certified non-toxic, with no foul odor and safe to use in confined spaces.